Nashua, NH (KASH) Boire field Benefits

Nashua is one of the most popular airports in the world for students to learn to fly!




  • Tower controlled –  Nashua has an air traffic control tower Class D, from which they control the movement of aircraft on and around the airport.  Students learn to operate in a controlled environment and learn radio communication procedures.
  • Located next to Class C airspace, Manchester – Students gain familiarity with operating in Class C airspace with larger aircraft.
  • ILS, VOR, RNAV(GPS), NDB Approach procedures for IFR training..
  • Close proximity to many airports 
  • Surrounded by diverse terrain 
  • Large runway – 5501' x 100 runway,  Nashua is in close proximity to many airports with smaller runways that we utilize for short field and soft field practice.
  • Friendly airport environment  
  • Midfield Cafe - a restaurant at the airport, park your plane and walk to the airport